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Late post for my Birthday !

Finally i got the my birthday photo. On the 14th night, we went to Ayer Panas for steamboat '' Restoran Talipon '' haha. For that dinner, we celebrate for 2 events, the 1st one is the successful of the Global Peace event although Jacklyn Victor and Daniel Lee failed to turn up for the event but we also run the event smoothly. The 2nd events is my birthday. Around 16 people was in the dinner, we eat happily on that night, because almost every night I bring my food to my home and eat alone. Pity Justin! After we crap crap crap, I went back to home.
When the time I was about to sleep, suddenly my room's light off. I was shock and thought was electricity black off, at the same time a cake went in to my room with around 10 people. Wow, so nice and so touching. That is my 1st cake on my birthday eve. What they did to me? As usual, they used to ask birthday boy/girl to take out the candle by using mouth and then push my head to the cake. For fulfil their happiness, I did i…

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